Zoo Closed After A Snow Storm. Cameras Capture Animals Adorably Playing In Snow

There is nothing as beautiful as waking up one fine day, looking outside, and seeing the world blanketed in beautiful, white snow. You don’t think so. Just go ask the animals at the Oregon Zoo yourself.

Portland, Oregon was hit with a snowstorm a few years back and brought with it nearly a foot of snow. Many businesses, as a result, shut down for a day or two including Oregon Zoo.

This certainly didn’t stop the animals to roam freely and have a little fun of their own in the snow. Just like kids, the zoo animals had the whole day to themselves to play and frolick in the fluffy cold snow.

The zoo cameras captured the magical scenes with Nora the polar bear enjoying in her happy place and prancing around in complete bliss.

As snowflakes fell from the sky, Nora rolls around on the ground burying her face in the cold snow.

The otters and seal lions climbed out of the water to feel the magic of snow on their bellies.
The otter ought to prefer the water over the snowy land as can be seen in the video, but the sea lions seemed to really love the strange stuff.

There was one animal, in particular, that stole millions of hearts and seemed to be having the time of his life — Samudra, the elephant.

With a natural habitat in a warm and tropical climate; he peeked his head outside and started running in pure excitement.

Source – Youtube

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Written by Anu Bansal