YouTuber slammed for sharing a video of his wife tumbling from cliff

A video has gone viral of a woman falling off a ‘cliff’ as she and her husband hike along a path in Hawaii.

However, the video hasn’t turned into a web sensation since it’s dramatic drop, dangerous jump or shocking piece of homemade footage. It’s turned into a web sensation because the misleading title of ‘falling off a cliff’ makes it sound more ‘lucky to be alive’ than You’ve Been Framed.

The video was posted by YouTuber Shonduras, who shared the video of his significant other Jenny McBride falling off the ‘precipice’.

The video comes with a disclaimer which reads: ‘WARNING: The following may contain elements not suitable for some audiences. Parental and viewer discretion is advised.’

Shonduras portrayed the occurrence as: ‘a life changing experience that has changed our perspective on life, family, and each other. To not let the little things get to us and to really appropriate [sic] the time we have together.’

Take a look at the video and let us know what do you think about this:

Source: Youtube

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Written by Shashank