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YouTuber Finds GoPro videos Of Man’s Final Moments after two years

Video of the last moments of a man who drowned at a waterfall has been found two years later – by a diver who saw his GoPro profound submerged.

Richard Ragland got into difficulty and drowned at Foster Falls State Park in Tennessee in 2017 only a couple of days before his 23rd birthday, and, from that point forward, his parents have looked for the conclusion of knowing about his last few hours alive.

Source: WSB

Presently, they’ve had that breakthrough, after YouTuber Rich Aloha – a diver and self-depicted treasure hunt*r found Mr. Ragland’s GoPro, complete with a working memory card filled with videos. It’s filled with happy videos of Mr. Ragland fooling around with friends, as they film themselves in the water using selfie sticks.

Mr. Aloha describes himself as a treasure hunt*r who was diving in the area where Mr. Ragland drowned. He spotted the GoPro camera and found a memory card inside and retrieved the footage. Take a look at the footage below:

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Written by Shashank