Young Boy Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria From The Beach – A Warning Is Issued To All On Social Media

A young boy was recently rushed to a hospital after he was infected by a flesh-eating bacteria at a Maryland beach.

His mother, Brittany Carey shared two graphic images of her son’s leg. In the images, one can see the area where the bacteria started eating the flesh in three separate spots.

Carey posted on Facebook on Saturday in order to spread awareness around it. She said that her parents had taken her son out on the coast of Ocean City on June 23.

Source- Facebook

She further wrote that her son had a great day with his grandparents. He swam in the ocean and relaxed on the beach the whole day. On June 24, she ‘started noticing little spots developing all over his body’.

Source- Facebook

She further added, ‘Tuesday morning there were open wounds developing but I had thought he was scratching them, making them worse. Only to find when I picked him up Tuesday they were a lot bigger and a lot more.’

Carey rushed her son to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Maryland, where doctors informed her that her son is infected by a common ocean bacteria called Vibrio.

The bacteria are also present in raw, contaminated seafood.

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She issued a warning on Facebook and said, ‘Please be careful out there guys and if you start seeing wounds such as these please get somewhere fast!’

Within the past few months, there are dozens of reported cases wherein people have contracted flesh-eating bacteria. It is believed that climate change is further fueling the spread of the bugs in the once safe to swim oceans.

Five people in Delaware and New Jersey contracted similar flesh-eating infections from seafood or water from the Delaware Bay. The water used to be too cold earlier for microorganisms but with an increase in water temperature, beaches along the Northeast Coast have now become a comfortable breeding ground for these bacterias.

The researchers from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and Cooper University Hospital have started issuing a warning that going on this rate, many beaches would be no longer safe for people leaving them with weakened immune systems or open wounds. doubled to 87 last year.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal