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World’s First Glow-in-the-dark Ramen Shop Makes Food That Will Take You To An Alien World

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Have you ever wondered what mythical spirits eat? Well! it probably will look like something at the menu of world’s first glow-in-the-dark ramen shop.

The founder of design studio Zoo as Zoo, Ami Sueki has teamed up with co-founder of national arts agency Dashboard, Courtney Hammond, in order to create, which opens at two locations in Atlanta, Georgia.

The opening is scheduled to happen at later this month and in late February respectively. The shop would offer guests an immersive dining experience which is inspired by a dream, designer Ami Sueki had three years ago.

Source – By Zoo as Zoo

The mobile pop-up shop is based on story of the Nakamuras, a family of yōkai which are supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore. The family used to run a popular ramen shop for other spirits.

In the tale created by Sueki’s design studio Zoo as Zoo, the Nakamura children have lost their parents in a storm and years later, the children reunited at their family’s old shop. They discover vibrating utensils and glowing noodles.

Source – By Zoo as Zoo

Now, the Nakamura children roam around the world waiting for full moons when noodles glow the brightest.They make ramen in their mobile kitchen in a hope that they will reunite with their parents one day.

In order to bring this story to life Nakamura children’s mobile kitchen is designed to be a small, intimate space, with a seating pf six diners for a single 30-minute meal.

Source – By Zoo as Zoo

During this period, the guests will be served glow-in-the-dark dishes and cocktails. A component called quinine, extracted from the bark of cinchona trees is added to the food in order to make it glow under black light.

The dining tickets for’s first two openings went for $75 a seat and are already sold out.

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Written by Anu Bansal