Women started dancing after getting first pair of shoes

The clip was filmed on June 15 in Bwindi National Park in Uganda.  

‘When I saw the woman on the side of the road barefoot I urged my driver to stop, the woman was barefoot and had never owned shoes before,’ Ms Grier said. 

We stopped the car to pull over and give them to her, her reaction to wearing the shoes was priceless!,’ she told Newsflare. 

She explained that she had brought the old tennis shoes with her to give away and said the moment ‘brought tears to my eyes’. 

Once the Ugandan woman sees what is happening, she starts dancing in celebration before she has even put the shoes on. 

The driver holds out the right shoe as she carefully puts her foot inside, before giving a thumbs up to people watching. 

She then looks on as the helpful man ties up the shoelace for her. 

Once the left shoe is on she smiles broadly again and resumes her dance routine to the delight of spectators. 

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Written by Shashank