Women Need To Stop Wearing Athleisure Clothing To All Places That Aren’t The Gym

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In a world wherever ladies are controlled down by the sturdy, long arm of men—we’ll just do almost anything to succeed. Fighting tooth and nail, clawing our way to the top, it takes a great deal of effort for a woman to succeed than a man. Altogether honesty, I’m proud to be a woman—damn proud. But, so as to succeed in my peak, I even have had to fight for my right. And a great deal of this had to do with the path in which I hold and present myself in the public eye.

A trend is creeping in. Time and again, I see ladies going out to shopping, supper, even on employee meet-ups wearing their exercise clothing. Things, like big t-shirts, leggings, and hoodies gives the most casual and messy looks.

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Don’t get me wrong! I am a feminist and I stand for the fact that women can wear anything they like anytime they want. But then again, imagine men wearing their gym shorts sipping a cup of coffee in a coffee shop and waiting for a breakfast date. Weird, right?

That is my point. Comfort is vital and many ladies pick to be more agreeable than moving around in heels which is completely fine. A few inches added by heels should not decide your calibre at work.

But if you were to walk into a job interview wearing Nikes and leggings, would you cast an impression enough to get hired? No, right? In the words of David Schwartz, you need to get dressed for success.

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Investing effort and time in making yourself presentable gives you a sense of confidence that can become contagious. Many a time, you are read by people the same way you feel about yourself. So why would you possibly want to walk in the world feeling messy and casual when you want the things you said to be taken seriously by others?

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Social Media is affecting our lives on a day to day basis. Trends have started to dictate our life as we want to look a certain way to “fit in.”

But that is what is the mantra of success, “Standing out in the crowd.” So instead of doing what everyone is doing, and wearing what others are wearing, you make your own path.

So don’t reserve your nice clothes for important events. Wear them every day because each day is special in its own way and you need to be prepared for any good thing that comes your way.

Try it out—even for a week, and watch how much your world will change.



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Written by Anu Bansal