Woman reveals she prefer self pleasure instead of taking coffee break to relieve stress

Everyone has their own to relieve from stress, some go for smoking, some go for drinking or some go for a cup of coffee.

But this is not the case with Nadia Bokody though because, as she quite blatantly puts it: “I slip out for my daily ‘coffee break’. Only, I’m not going for a coffee, I’m going for a wank.”

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Nadia work in as a sex columnist, which clarifies why she wants to get off amid work hours more than you or I most likely would, and editorial manager of She Said.

In a post, the 34-year-old from Australia wrote: “When other colleagues are busy self-indulgently puffing on their cinnamon vapes and making trips to Starbucks to wait in line for 10 minutes for their pumpkin lattes, I’m rubbing one out.” Nicely put…

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She further added:

“If it’s lunch time, I’ll head home for a quick dalliance with my vibrator (perks of living walking distance from the office), but on the odd occasion I can’t wait that long, I’ll pop into the restroom, throw in my headphones, and silently surf some RedTubeuntil my stresses are eased.

“Fifteen minutes later, I’ll reemerge brighter and more focused, ready to tackle whatever the rest of the day throws at me.”

“My unique stress release has scientifically proven benefits – unlike the mindless scrolling of social media and scoffing of fried, sugary foods that routinely takes place during break time.”

Source LAdbible

She at that point proceeded to discuss work environment behaviour… pointing out that your employer doesn’t have a ‘right’ to dispensed break time’.

She added:

“Especially if you live conveniently close to work like me, and are able to m*sturbate in the privacy of your own bedroom. But if you’re limited on time, the office restroom is as good a place as any to have a quick wank.”

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Written by Shashank