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Woman Offers To Show Up At People’s Funerals For $50 And The Responses Are extremely amusing

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Funerals are depressing. The heartbreaking experience of seeing your loved one’s passing as well as the whole ordeal of a funeral is a cruel reminder of your recent loss. For a distant relative, there is an awkward feeling of being stuck in a funeral of someone you have never seen before.

There’s only one place where funerals can sometimes be cool and that is movies.

Either while faking their own death or trying to hide away their double life, movie characters sometimes have dramatic funeral moments. Taking inspiration from there, a 26-year-old author Dana Schwartz proposed her new job prospect in a series of tweets. While it was quite a weird offer, the tweets went viral and everyone agreed to the fact that Schwartz came up with something very interesting.

Below is a tweet that’s since gone viral with 449k likes –

Author Neil Gaiman promptly responded to Schwartz’s tweet 

People eventually joined in with their own ideas and suggestions!

Source – BoredPanda

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Written by Anu Bansal