Woman lips turned into a duck lips after wrong treatment

A mother has revealed how her ‘messed up’ lip filler treatment left her with ho*rifying ‘duck lips’ and blood ‘dripping down her face’ – resulting in a trip to A&E.

Source: Kennedy news and media

Kelly McVicker, from Methley, West Yorkshire, burned through £90 to have a beautician visit her home to control 1.5ml of filler to her lips in March.

However, the 35-year-old endured through a terrible two-hour experience in which her lips were repeatedly ‘punctured’ by the needle and eventually started bl*eding.

Source: Kennedy news and media

After the method, the mother-of-five was compelled to hold a frozen gammon joint to her rapidly ballooning lips before rushing to A&E for medical help.

When she returned home her lips erupted in painful blisters and her top one was left a lot bigger than her base for three weeks.

According to daily mail:

She claims it left her looking ‘like a duck’ and she was forced to hide away at home for three weeks. With her lips still reportedly disfigured from the procedure.

Now Ms. McVicker is speaking out in a bid to warn others of the dangers of getting lip fillers from anyone other than medically qualified professionals.

Source: Kennedy news and media

She said: My top lip was way bigger than my bottom, it looks like I’ve got a horrendous duck lip and I’m really conscious of it. I stayed indoors for three weeks and the few times I went out, on the school run, I would put a scarf over my lips. I just felt like people were looking at me – especially my top lip. It was double the size of my bottom one.

Source: Kennedy news and media

‘I still can’t go out without thinking people are looking and laughing.’

Source: Dailymail

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Written by Shashank