Woman Kept Sleeping Through Her Alarm Discovers That Her Cat Kept Snoozing It

The hilarious yet utterly adorable moment when a woman kept sleeping through her alarm making her late for work. So why she didn’t hear her alarm.

Well well! That’s the mystery we are going to solve today. Her cat was caught red-handed in the act of turning it off.

The frustrated feline was sitting comfortably atop a wardrobe in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before her owner’s smartphone starts ringing and vibrating.

Getting up from its position, the cat, whose name is Joaquim, leaps down onto the floor and pounced up pawing at the phone’s screen to deactivate the alarm.

Two women, one of whom was capturing the scene can be heard laughing in the background.

The owner said that she had been sleeping through her alarm a lot lately and now she knows why.

She said: ‘My companion and I were arriving late to work because the phone alarm wasn’t waking us up.

‘Recently, we have discovered that our kitty Joaquim was the one who was turning off the alarm.’

Source – Daily mail

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Written by Anu Bansal