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Woman Gets Creepy Text From Jiffy Lube Guy, Turns It Into Incredible ‘Teaching Moment.’

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Every now and then, we come across cases of women who have suffered through an unwanted come-on from a creep.

Some women get so scared of such encounters that they start to feel that they create a shell around them and stop being nice to men around them.

But here is a refreshing story in this depressing situation. This woman’s encounter with a creepy come-on has gone immensely viral and has received over 110,000 likes on Twitter thanks to her flawless response.

Twitter user @LovableAndKind recently tweeted screenshots of a conversation between her sister and an employee of Jiffy Lube who found her phone number and started sending her unsolicited texts.

The woman received a text from an unknown number one fine day. It read: “You are gorgeous.” A little surprised, she asked who it was to which the guy responded, “Your favorite oil change guy.”

The normal reaction is usually anger followed by ignoring the creep and blocking his number right away.But she did not do any of that, instead she decided to create a teachable moment.

She replied, “While I know you were wanting to give me a compliment, it was completely unnecessary and unsolicited. I am a customer, you are a service provider, and there should be no communication outside of that unless I, the customer, express interest.”

She further explained why his text was violating. She said, “It is a violation of my privacy for you to contact me from your personal phone with information that you got without my permission.”

“And now I know that you are the type of person to go back in someone’s file to find their personal information, what is to keep you from going back and getting my address? There are men who stalk, rape and murder women this way.”

She further wrote that she could call Jiffy Lube human resources and file a report against him but she would rather make sure that he learns a lesson from the incident.

To all this, his response was, “Sorry about that yes ma’am.”

She ended this conversation with a final note saying, “Oh, and you didn’t tell me what the tire pressure was on the rear passenger tire like I asked, so you’re definitely not even in my top five favorite oil change guys.”

Here are the screenshots of the conversation that happened.

Source – @LoveableandKind / Twitter
Source – @LoveableandKind / Twitter
Source – @LoveableandKind / Twitter
Source – @LoveableandKind / Twitter

Source – Upworthy

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Written by Anu Bansal