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Woman found the hilarious way to kindly ask her neighbor to turn the music down.

A woman found a smart way to ask her neighbour to turn the music down.

Recently theologian and writer Candice who was suffering from the neighbour’s loud music problem decided to write a letter to him. She posted this letter on her twitter account and it went viral.

She said

I wanted the best way to tell my neighbor that he tried it with his late night party. So I wrote him a letter and baked him a cake.

Source: Candice Marie Benbow

This what she said in the letter:

Hea! I hope you’re well.

We haven’t formally met and I hate we’re doing so under these circumstances.

When you come home every evening and blast music, I’ve come to expect it. Sometimes, it’s a song I hadn’t heard in a while and I appreciate the throwback. Other times, it’s something I’ve never heard before and I’ve been able to google a few lyrics and add it to my weekly playlists. To be fair, you’ve helped me to catch a vibe.

But last night… Fam, you tried it. You really, really did.

I don’t know if you were hosting the official afterparty for our building’s holiday social or singlehandedly determining this generation’s R&B king. But 3 am is just too late to be that loud. At 3:26, I couldn’t tell if you were playing some uptempo hits from The Weekend or you pushed shuffle on some house/techno. Either way, I could have done without that part of the set. At 3:47, I realized it was much more advantageous to reflect on your musical tastes and eat potato chips than trying to sleep. You really love a piano solo and some soulful drums.

At 3:55 am, I should be dreaming about all the things I want Michael B. Jordan and/or Malik Yoba to do to me. I should be dreaming about the life I could have with Lena Waithe if she was single. I should not be up singing Maxwell’s “Ascension” simply because you want to be the second floor’s DJ.

At 4:07, you settled down. I really appreciated that. In the future, as you’re hosting your kickbacks and come through, please remember the rest of us. As a peace offering, I hope you will enjoy this pound cake. At 3:30, when I decided to bake it for you, I realized I was taking your feelings into much more consideration than you were taking mine. I hope that changes – especially since I’m only three months into a 13-month lease. Happy Holidays and I look forward to officially meeting you soon. Your neighbour, Candice.

She posted a few tweets after posting that letter

Source: Candice Marie Benbow
Source: Candice Marie Benbow
Source: Candice Marie Benbow

And finally, they met :

Source: Candice Marie Benbow

Source: Twitter

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