Woman fall by attempting an extreme yoga position

A Mexican student survived an 80-foot fall after slipping from her balcony.

Alexa Terrazas, 23, was doing an extraordinary yoga pose over the edge of her 6th-floor balcony when she slipped and landed on the driveway of her building in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon on Saturday. A picture of Terrazas before ship slipped became famous online, showing the young lady hanging upside down in front of the balcony while supporting the entire weight of her body on the rail.

Source: Instagram

The young lady fell roughly at 1:10 pm local time and was promptly tended to by paramedics from the Red Cross and the Nuevo Leon Civil Protection. She was taken to a nearby medical clinic and underwent 11 hours of surgery. Terrazas, who as of Monday evening was was listed in critical condition, endured cracks to both of her legs and arms as well as her hips and head.

Source: Instagram

Family members took to social media to seek blood donations and prayers for the injured woman.

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Written by Shashank