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Woman Faced Life-threatening Situation When an Obese Woman Crashed on Her On a Waterslide

Source Caters News Agency

A British tourist, Jemma Joslyn, recently revealed her horrific experience on a water slide while on holiday in Turkey.

She had just arrived at a hotel in Faralya Mah, southwest Turkey, and decided to go straight to the resort’s waterpark with her two children.

In one of the waterslides, she got hit by a large woman hurtling down behind her. She knocked her over.

Ms Joslyn, from Seaford, East Sussex, was left fighting for her breath as she suffered from five broken ribs and a serious damage to her liver and other internal organs in the incident.

She was immediately  rushed to Esnaf Hospital and underwent lifesaving surgery.

Source Caters News Agency

Ms Joslyn, received a huge scar down her stomach and says she is still suffering from the consequences of her kidney damage.

Ms Joslyn had paid £2,700 for an all-inclusive two-week holiday at Liberty Lykia Hotel in Turkey.

She is now taking legal action against Thomas Cook. She claims that there were no safety precautions and her aftercare was ‘appalling’.

Source Caters News Agency

The health care assistant, said: ‘This holiday was my first in four years with my two girls and it was a big treat.

‘I’d only been in Turkey for 14 hours when we decided to go to the water park at the hotel.

‘There was no staff to direct anyone on the slides but I’d told my two young children to wait ten seconds between each other so they could get out of the way.

‘My daughter was supposed to follow me down afterwards but instead a overweight woman came down the slide just moments after me.

‘I had reached the bottom of the slide but all I saw was these two feet coming towards me – I knew there was no way I could move in time.

‘I was thrown backwards in the water, and my eyes were rolling back into my head. I was coming in and out of conscious as the pain was so severe.

‘It was horrific – an English translator told me after an emergency CT scan, my only option was emergency surgery.

‘I’d split my liver and severely damaged by kidney which was terrifying as I’d donated my other one for my mum in May 2015.

‘Thomas Cook weren’t helpful at all – they didn’t bother to find out where I was, where my kids were and I was left to sort out my own care.’

Ms Joslyn claims, that she couldn’t get an insurance claim as she had been taken to a private hospital.

Source Caters News Agency

She added: ‘I had only taken £150 with me as we were all inclusive, but now I needed £5,000 to have lifesaving surgery.

‘My friend who was on holiday with me thankfully was able to pay for it, as I couldn’t have it until it was paid.

‘If my friends hadn’t been there, I would be d*ad and my children would have been in Turkey alone.’

Ms Joslyn added: ‘My children were hit with a vomiting bug that had swept through the hotel soon after my accident.

‘No extra support was offered and my 59-year-old mum had to plead with Thomas Cook to get both herself and my dad, who is 76, to Turkey.

‘But they weren’t warned about the contagious bug and were taken to the hotel.

‘When my mum rang the 24 hour emergency line, the staff didn’t know anything and had no idea where my children were.

‘At one point, Natasha had five kids sleeping in only three beds as that was all she had.’

A spokesman in reaction to the above statement said, ‘Both our UK-based welfare team and our in-resort team have been in touch with Ms Joslyn on several occasions following this accident.

‘We also arranged for her parents to fly to Turkey to be with their daughter.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal