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Woman Describes Each And Every One Of Her 20 Sled Dogs in an Hilariously Wholesome Way

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A legendary annual competition, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race tests dogs and mushers to the limit for almost 1000 miles across the Alaskan wilderness. Naturally, dogs and humans need to be in top condition and completely in-tune to each other for such a gruelling event.

Blair Braverman and her pups have been training hard for this year’s race. The race takes place in March and she knows her team inside out. An author with a passion for the outdoors and a flair for prose, she introduced her team to the world, and it’s one of the most wholesome things one could ever see.

Out of crew of 20 strong dogs, only 14 will be selected for the actual race. Each of the 20 dogs sure  has a unique and adorable character. They come across as far more interesting than the cliches you get from most human athletes. After Blair shared about them on Twitter, the social media platform went wild for the team, with the posts being liked, commented and shared thousands of times.

Scroll down to meet the pups for yourself below:


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Written by Anu Bansal