Woman catches fish with two mouth

A lady recently caught a fish with two mouths on an outing on a lake in upstate New York.

Source: Debbie Geddes

Debbie Geddes was fishing with her husband on Lake Champlain a week ago and landed the amazing take. She eventually let the fish go, but not before taking some pictures which she shared with a work colleague who posted them on social media.

Source: Debbie Geddes

Geddes told Fox News: ‘When this particular fish bit, it felt like I had a nice fish on,’ I actually commented, “I hope it’s as big as it feels!.” ‘When we got it in the boat I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Two mouths! And yet this fish was healthy and thriving! Pretty amazing!. We quickly took a few pictures and released the fish,’

Source: Debbie Geddes

An image was eventually posted to Facebook by a co-worker of Geddes, Adam Facteau. He claimed he is more excited about the discovery than Geddes is. He revealed: ‘She wasn’t convinced anyone would care about the catch. I knew it would be popular.’

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Written by Shashank