WOMAN booted off an easyJet flight coz her outfit was too low-cut!

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A mother-of-two argues that she was kicked off an easyJet flight because she was wearing a low-cut see-through top without a bra, choosing nipple cover instead.

Horrified Harriet Osborne, 31, said she was requested by the crew to leave the flight from Malaga to Stansted, telling her that her selection of clothing was not suitable for a plane with kids on board.


The make-up artist slept with a friend on the airport floor before paying £ 149 for the next day’s flight home.

In a statementEasyJet said she had been withdrawn because of disruptive behaviour.

The embarrassed mother told The Sun: ‘This air hostess confronted me in front of the whole plane and said I wasn’t allowed on in that top.

‘She said to me, ‘Oh no, move to the side’, and tried to cover me up with my hands.

‘I was escorted away from the aircraft. It was so sexist. I just burst out crying.’

Harriet, from Southwold, Suffolk, placed a jumper on after the original response of the hostess before attempting to board the aircraft again.

In a declaration, EasyJet said she was removed from the plane last week on Sunday because of her ‘ disruptive behaviour. ‘

After worries about her clothing crew, the customer was politely asked to wear an extra top for the flight that the client agreed to.

However, she then continued to interfere with a member of our crew.

Our cabin and ground crew are trained to evaluate and behave swiftly and properly in all circumstances.

We do not tolerate abusive or menacing behaviour towards our employees.’ When they become overbooked, passengers are sometimes removed from flights.

A female travelling to Geneva in January this year was withdrawn from an EasyJet flight to celebrate her 50th birthday because it was overbooked.

TV producer Charlotte Barton, who left home for the Bristol flight at 2 am, was taken away for a’ chat’ from her seat before being taken off the aircraft that had 181 passengers on board.

The airline said in a declaration that they had to use a 180 seater because of an issue with their 186-seater aircraft.

We’re sorry to hear about the experience of Ms Barton,’ they said in a declaration,’ and would like to apologize sincerely for the inconvenience created.’ Ms Barton has been provided with an alternative flight, complete refund and compensation since then.

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Written by Anu Bansal