White bear lunges a tourist who gets too close

This is the terrifying moment a wild brown bear attacks an ‘idiot’ tourist who taunts the beast.

The man in eastern Russian endeavours to play with the predator. He ‘stupidly’ attempts to get very close and personal with the young animal hoping to pet it.

The video shows the visitor edge towards the bear seemingly oblivious to the acute danger to his life.

The creature at first steps back yet the man abruptly experiences cold feet then makes the mistake of turning on the beast and running. The predator instantly lunges towards him as the tourist races to get back inside his car. The man’s friends scream and swear to try and scare off a bear, say reports.

Local man Konstantin posted:

‘How many times did we ask people to stop getting out of their cars and feeding bears? They are not some fluffy cuties. Why can’t people grow up about behaving maturely in nature?’ Liudmila Fedosenkova wrote: Did the bear get him? No? What a pity.’

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Written by Shashank