Weird situation happened in a wedding and it was hilarious

One lady in South Africa appears to have been so hated and loaded with rage that she chose to put a wedding dress on and walk on down to the wedding of the man she was apparently seeing, while he had plans to marry someone else.

Maybe it’s a coincidence she entered at the venue in a wedding dress? Or maybe she planned it, or maybe she thought she is getting married and had just read the invitation wrong?

The video was shared by a Twitter user and it went viral immediately.

With a soundtrack of shouting wedding guests (either out of giggling or dread?), it’s a quite scene seeing another man (the best man?) trying to quiet one of the women, while the bride and groom remain at the front of the lobby hoping the whole awkward situation will just go away.

The title read: Side chick rocked up at the wedding also wearing a wedding dress … groom trying to calm the situation.

Check the video below: 

At a certain point, it looks as though a bridesmaid attempts to quiet down the lady in the wedding dress (the one not getting married) though I’m not sure anyone is having any luck diffusing the situation, which is understandable.

Several people replied to the story:

I hope every man that cheats, gets a side chick like this. Lmaoooo

very cheating man deserves this kind of side chick.

Source: Twitter

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Written by Shashank