Wedding guest given a plus one invite rudely RSVPs for 21 individuals

A guest has been criticised for RSVP’ing to a couple’s big day for their partner – in addition to 21 extra individuals.

This is despite being explicitly told they could only bring one person. They returned the invitation by post, and the stunned bride-to-be took a picture of their requests before sharing it online. In the image, the guest and their plus one – who have their names written out – have asked to have at least 14 adults as well as numerous children and babies.

On the RSVP, the guest was also asked to request a song to be played during the reception – and, fittingly, they requested two. It is unclear when or where the wedding is expected to be held or how the guest knows the betrothed, but the deadline to respond to the invite was 21st August.

Source: Reddit

The picture was then posted on Reddit where users were left perplexed by the “audacity” of the guest.

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Written by Shashank