Waterfall Proposal Goes Wrong When The Couple Nearly Plunges To Their Deaths

Everyone wants a perfect proposal. Waterfall Proposals sure are romantic af but this couple’s romantic waterfall proposal took a dramatic twist as they almost plunged to their deaths. Their engagement photo shows the couple covered in mud.

Finley-Marie Holding, 25, suggested a visit to the stunning Henrhyd Falls in Brecon Beacons, South Wales, and that is when it struck her boyfriend E.J Taylor, 26, who knew it would be the perfect setting to pop the question.

The couple, from Ammanford, Wales, set out to explore the waterfalls with their pooch Walter, eight.  But they took a wrong turn on the downhill route to the falls. All of a sudden, E.J lost his footing and started to slide down a steep path.

E.J. says, ‘I can’t imagine a better way to have been proposed to. It was brilliant – and so us. We don’t ever do things by halves, so to almost die and then get engaged was just perfect.’

He added: ‘Everyone has expected us to get engaged for a while but this is definitely the most exciting way it could have happened.’

Source – Kennedy News and media

Finley-Marie was very sure that her beloved boyfriend and pet would die as she sees them tumbling faster and faster down the muddy slope towards shallow water and jagged rocks.

The route to the Falls is a 15-minute walk in a wide and well-graveled path. Trekkers usually take an audio-guide with them that instructs visitors to turn left near the end to see the waterfall.

But the couple turned left too early and found themselves in peril on a slippery slope.

E.J. later explained, ‘We went the wrong way. You’re supposed to turn left to the waterfall but we turned too early and went down a dirt track.’

Source – Kennedy News and media

‘Pretty quickly we realised it was slippery and quite steep. It was very muddy but there’s been a lot of rain recently so we put it down to that and kept going.’

Watching everything in horror, adrenaline kicked in and E.J managed to hold Walter in one arm and grab his girlfriend saving her life.

He explained, ‘I was carrying Walter and making my way through some rocks on the path. Just as I was thinking “this is just a bit too muddy” I started to slip.’

Source – Kennedy News and media
Source – Kennedy News and media

‘I fell down onto my bum at first and I tried to get back up but as I tried to stand, I just kept falling and sliding.

‘I thought I would stop in a minute but I didn’t. Instead I was going down quicker and quicker.

He continued: ‘I wrapped myself around Walter. We were sliding through rocks and undergrowth and all I could think was that I needed to protect him and keep him safe.

‘I reached out to try to grab anything that would stop us falling but all the plants were just coming away and my hands kept slipping off the rocks.

Source – Kennedy News and media

‘I don’t really remember what happened next but we stopped. Thankfully I had a minute to make sure Walter was safe and check he wasn’t bleeding or that any limbs were in the wrong place.

‘Then I heard Finley-Marie scream and I turned and I could see her coming face first towards me.

‘I held Walter under one arm, dug my foot into a tree and managed to reach out and grab Finley-Marie as she slid past me.’

Source – Kennedy News and media

Finley-Marie further added: ‘It was terrifying. I saw E.J fall and then suddenly he just kept sliding and going faster and faster.

‘I watched as he curled his body around Walter to protect him and I knew he’d left himself no way to protect himself. I started to scream and shout as if somehow that would get them to stop.

‘I could see where they were heading and I could see the drop. I knew under the drop was jagged rocks and a shallow, fast-running river. I knew if they went over the edge, they were not coming back alive.

Source – Kennedy News and media

‘I stepped towards them and that’s when they hit a tree. E.J doesn’t remember but that’s how they stopped, by smashing into a tree.

‘When I saw them hit it, I panicked and I ran towards them but I slipped. E.J and Walter had turned the slope into a mudslide on their way down.

‘I was trying to grab hold of anything to stop myself, I didn’t want to crash into them. I thought at least then they would be okay and they would survive.

Source – Kennedy News and media

‘Somehow E.J managed to grab me before I plummeted to my death. He saved my life and he saved Walter’s life.’

Shocked at the fact that they had survived, the couple got themselves to safety with their pet, scrabbling up the slippery slope and grabbing onto fallen trees to pull themselves up.

It took the couple more than half an hour to climb back to the pathway.

Source – Kennedy News and media

E.J. said, ‘We tried to get back up the way we had fallen but it wasn’t happening. We had taken out all the plants as we fell so there was nothing to hold onto.

‘I told Finley-Marie to stay where she was and took Walter to find another way up.

‘I ended up having to go all the way around some bushes and then managed to scrabble up the slope and lift Walter to safety before going back down for Finley-Marie.

Source – Kennedy News and media

‘She was stood there looking distraught like a lost sheep.’

Finley-Marie added: ‘We were having to grab nettles and dig our hands into the mud. I was pulling myself up using a fallen down tree.

‘I don’t know how E.J did it while holding Walter. I saw him slip a couple of times and I could see the drop and just kept screaming, thinking “please, don’t die.”

‘Once we were with Walter, E.J went to find the pushchair and then we dragged ourselves up with it.

‘When we were all safe, we just collapsed onto the floor. We were dripping with sweat and struggling to breath from the climb. We just sat hugging and crying and telling each other “we’re okay.”‘

In the midst of all the drama, E.J suddenly realised that he’d had the engagement ring in his pocket and so he quickly checked to make sure it is not lost.

The couple has been together for three years. E.J. has been carrying the garnet ring which he made himself for two years, waiting for the perfect moment.

After the near-death experience, E.J. decided not to wait for them to reach the waterfall and propose then and there.

Despite being a muddy mess, E.J asked Finley-Marie to spend the rest of her life with him – and she obviously said ‘yes’.

E.J. said, ‘With everything going on, I remember thinking ‘I hope the ring hasn’t fallen out my pocket. I’m so lucky it didn’t.

Source – Kennedy News and media

‘Once we were safe, I just thought to myself “if we survived this, we will be alright” and got the ring out.

‘My lungs were burning and I was struggling to speak but I managed to say “I was going to wait until the waterfall to give you this but now seems as good a time as any”.

He continued: ‘As I gave her the ring, the first thing Finley-Marie said was “is this what I think it is? This better be what I think it is” and then kept saying “yes” over and over again and crying.

He further explains, ‘I’d never done anything like it before and I did a practice ring that turned out rubbish but luckily the next one went okay.’

‘Since I made it, the ring has always been in my pocket and I’ve just been waiting for the right scenario to crop up to propose – and I definitely chose the best moment. This isn’t something we’ll ever forget.’

He added: ‘It wasn’t a surprise when Finley-Marie said “yes” but it was so comforting. I think we’re soulmates and this just confirmed that which is such a comfort.’

Finley-Marie had no idea E.J had made a ring or decided to pop the question so soon – but she is over the moon that he did.

After the proposal, the newly-engaged couple finished the walk along the intended path to the falls thus having a beautiful end to an ‘incredible’ day.

Friends and family are thrilled about their engagement but are hoping they will be more careful in future.

‘E.J and I have spoken about getting engaged but he told me he was saving for a ring so I figured it would just happen eventually,’ said Finley-Marie.

‘I had no idea he has made a ring or was planning to propose so soon. We go out and explore so often, I just thought it was another day out.’

‘I absolutely love my ring. I love the fact that the stone in it has a twin and E.J wears it all the time.’

She continued: ‘It means so much that he made it himself. I know how much work he would have put into it because he’s such a perfectionist.

‘I love that he made it for me and it’s completely unique. There’s no other ring like it in the world.

Discussing their journey home, she added: ‘Everyone is so happy for us. My mother-in-law to be told me I was already like a daughter and now this makes it official. E.J’s sister told us to stop nearly dying.’

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Written by Anu Bansal