Viral Video Shows ‘Dad of the Year’ Pranking His Daughter by wearing tight Daisy Dukes

A Florida man recently pranked his teenage daughter that turned out to be a ‘pain in stomach’ kind of a funny video. The video named ‘parenting 101 fashion lesson’ went super viral on social media.

Jason Hilley of Orlando posted a video to his Facebook account turning the tables on his teenage daughter.

In the video, dad says to his daughter, ‘Kendall, we have to have a talk.’

Kendall unable to digest what she is seeing – her father in tight, denim Daisy Duke shorts.

Kendall’s younger brother who is also present in the scene can barely contain his laughter.

Hilley then says, ‘Get your shorts, we’re gonna see whose fit better.’

She asks, ‘Which ones?’

To which her father replies: ‘The new ones we bought that were supposed to be a lot longer.’

Kendall puts on her own tight shorts.

He father says, ‘Yeah, exactly!’ prompting Kendall to laugh.

The dad then asks as he poses in front of the mirror, ‘Whose are shorter, babe?’

The wife of Jason who is also witness to all this madness then says, ‘I can’t handle y’all.’

‘I’m picking her up from school, with these on,’ Hilley jokes.

Kendall insists, ‘These aren’t even that short!’

‘No, neither are mine!’ the dad says.

As soon as it got uploaded, the video went super viral with 24 million views, 144,000 shares, 11,000 likes, and 6,700 comments.

Source – Facebook

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Written by Anu Bansal