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Viewers Thought This Newsreader’s Outfit Looks Like A ‘P*n*s’ And Everyone Is Laughing Their Heart Out

Source - Channel Nine

Does this ever happen to you that you have noticed or seen something and now no matter how hard you try you are simply not able to ignore it or unsee it? Same is the case with internet. Once something amusing, has been found on internet, the internet just never let it go.

World Wide Web is full of eagle-eyed people who tuned in to Australia’s Channel Nine this week to find newsreader Samantha Heathwood in a particularly memorable outfit.

Source – Channel Nine

If you look closely and see the shape of her jacket collar, it makes out a recognizable form. Oh yes, you got that right,  it looks like a p*n*s with a pair of bollocks.

The outline of Heathwood’s unfortunately-shaped collar with the placement of her top is simply the wrong choice of clothes at the wrong day.

But no mistake is ever forgiven or forgotten on internet. Viewers immediately took to social media and point out at the outfit dubbing the garment as the ‘p*n*s jacket’.

One person wrote: “I know I’m immature but this cracks me up.” while another added: “Literally cannot unsee it now.”

Some good people rushed to the support by saying, “You people are so catty, so what, it looks good on her!”

A similar photo made news on social media a few years back, when another newsreader called Natarsa Belling was seen wearing it on 10 News.

Source – Lad Bible

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Written by Anu Bansal