Video shows mother dolphin pushing her lifeless calf through water

A shocking video of a mother dolphin sticking to the body of her d*ad calf is one example more to the idea that humans are not the only mammals capable of grief.

In the video shared on Twitter this week by Florida canoe-maker See Through Canoe, the dolphin can be seen pushing the lifeless body through the water and fighting to keep it afloat as she swims.

Another dolphin was seen swimming near to the mother’s side even seems to help her get the calf back to the surface when it drops below.

It’s far from the first run through this kind of behaviour has been seen in the highly-intelligent animals, and adds additional proof to the theory that they, much the same as us, often have trouble letting go in the face of d*ath.

Canoe tweeted: ‘Mother dolphin not ready to let go of her d*ad calf and pushing it through the Intracoastal Waterway,’ ‘It’s hard to say for sure without examination, but the calf may have been hit by a boat,’ the company added. ‘Please don’t assume that because dolphins are fast that you won’t hit them.’

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Written by Shashank