Video shows dog forced to drink beer at frat party

A video showing a New York fraternity compelling a 10-month-old pup to drink beer from a keg has sparked outrage in the community and on social media.

The video was recorded by using Snapchat on Saturday during an off-grounds party at Hofstra University’s Alpha Epsilon Pi section, which has been suspended after the video turned into a web sensation.

Two party-goers can be seen hoisting the young King Charles Cavalier Spaniel into the air and spraying beer directly into its mouth as it struggles to escape from their grip.

Source: Twitter

The video was brought to the consideration of the Nassau County SPCA, which is investigating the incident and may bring charges against the dogs’ owner, identified on social media as 21-year-old Hofstra senior Justin Barreto. SPCA spokesman Gary Rogers said the owner was one of the men in the clip.

Rogers told CBS New York:

It’s wrong on every level. It’s just not rational thinking, He said the charges would likely be ‘a misdemeanour for failure to provide adequate sustenance and overdrive and torture of an animal’.

Source: Dailymail

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Written by Shashank