Video shows a baby monkey being taken away

Scre*ming a baby monkey intended for use in British research laboratories shakes with fe*r after being cru*lly snatch*d from its parents at a bre*ding farm.

Its mum and dad were themselves were taken from the wild to be cag*d and bre*d babies in frightening conditions. There’s a stressing situation in the UK use of long-tailed macaques, like this one in Mauritius for testing and research, despite an EU law against it. And today, on International Primate Day, Animal Defenders International calls on our Government to explain it.

ADI chief Jan Creamer said: “The public will be horrifi*d to learn that not only is Britain still a major primate user, but it allows researchers to use monkeys whose parents have been taken from the wild and used as bre*ding machines too. The UK effectively encourages dealers in Vietnam and Mauritius to stock their factory farms by trapping wild monkeys.”

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Written by Shashank