Video showing man is riding his motorbike with a cow

This is the funny moment a man is seen riding a motorbike with a cow sat on his lap. A biker film the smiling man riding the bike as the huge bovine, which is covered in grey fabric, sits on his lap and looks around calmly.

The outrageous clip, which was shot by a traveller in a passing vehicle, is believed to have been filmed in country Pakistan this month.

Take a look at the video below:

After the video was posted on social media, one person, Kashif Cheema, joked: ‘That’s a true cowboy!’

Others mentioned how riding bicycles with pets – no matter how large – is a norm in Pakistan.

Prakash Kanarath hilariously wrote: ‘Welcome to Pakistan! Bring your cows, pigs, donkeys and monkeys with you for an amazing bike ride!’

And Nawah Sahib added: ‘Only happens in Pakistan’

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Written by Shashank