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Video of a penguin catching his partner cheat on him is heartbreaking

National Geo posted a video of a penguin who comes home only to find his wife cheating on him and it has gone viral.

A husband penguin returned home to see his penguin wife with another man. Shocked and betrayed, he battled the other male penguin. Both the male penguins smacked each other with their flippers however the fig*t stopped when the spouse chose to call his wife and ask her to make a choice.

The fig*t escalated when the wife chose the homewrecker. Yes, that’s the twist. She does not realise her ‘mistake’ and goes back to the husband instead she chooses to be with the other penguin. After the fight, the spouse calls his wife or rather ex-wife again and leaves the new couple alone.

Take a look at the video below:

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Written by Shashank