[Video] Adorable Moment When Two Kids Help Their Friend With Cerebral Palsy Play At Water Park

The sweet and utterly adorable moment when two young children help their friend with cerebral palsy play at the water park. The video is touching thousands of hearts.

Jeffrey Mackey, 6, was recorded playing with his friends at Thunder Island water park in Fulton, New York when his cerebral palsy started to flare up.

Usually Jeffrey’s mother, Andrea Mackey, is also there to take control of the situation but this time Jeffrey’s friends brought the situation under control all by themselves.

Jeffrey’s older sister, Mikaila, shared the adorable video on Twitter.She wrote: ‘One of the obstacles Jeffrey faces with cerebral palsy is that his muscles get tight making it hard for him to walk. Today at the water par he was having a hard time walking but, his friends pushed him to keep going and never left him behind.’

In the video, Jeffrey can be seen holding hands with his friend, Raya Joyce as his walk starts to become stiffer. Kane Raymond comes excitedly running behind the two and grasps Jeffrey’s other hand.

The three friends walk hand in hand and make their way towards a water ride.

For the five hours the children played, the two friends never left Jeffrey’s side and held his hand the whole time.

Source – Youtube

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Written by Anu Bansal