Vegan Protester Dresses Up As A Cow And Mourns Meat In A Supermarket

A vegan protester recently mourned the packaged meat at a supermarket. In this one of a kind form of protest, she dressed up as a cow and kneeled at a supermarket clutching at a packet of sausages.

The video, posted to the Facebook wrote, ‘Welcome to the death aisle.’ The footage shows a young woman entering into Woolworths where she starts to mourn the animal products of a seemingly empty supermarket.

Source – Stef Rose/Facebook

Despite her protesting and the fact that she was dressed like a cow, the staff continued to pack the shelves, paying almost no attention to her efforts.

The video then shows the woman sprawled across the front of the meat section with a ‘Watch Dominion’ sign in her hand.

Source – Stef Rose/Facebook

Vegans all over the world have applauded her efforts calling it a ‘powerful move’.

One woman suggested that they should do something like this in mass numbers.

‘Group die in next. Seriously recommend,’ she said.

Fellow vegan activist, Arkadiusz Swiebodzinski, recently shared the post to his followers asking, ‘If you were a cow, what would you think walking past a shopping market alley full of body parts of from cows?’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal