Undigested bubble tea balls found in teen’s body

The 14-year-old young lady from China ended up in the clinic not being able to move her bowels for five days, with doctors at first not having the option to discover the reason for her stomach related problems.

AsiaOne reports local media affirmed the young girl parents sent her to the emergency clinic on May 28, after she complained of being constipated.

The young person, who lives in the Zhejiang area, was likewise unfit to eat and was suffering from stomach aches. When doctors performed a CT scan, they found more than 100 unusual round shadows in her abdomen.

Specialists just understood the shadows were undigested tapioca pearls from bubble tea the teen had consumed after she finally confessed to drinking it.

Source: ladbible

At first, reluctant to reveal she’d eaten the pearls, the youngster said she just drank some bubble tea five days before the occurrence.

The doctors who treated her, Doctor Zhang Louzhen, suspected she may conceal reality from her parents since it would apparently take ingesting a significant amount of pearls for an extended period of time for her condition to be this severe.

According to The Paper:

The little girl may be afraid of her parents saying her, but concealing her medical history – so many undigested ‘pearls’ are not accumulated like a cup of milk tea, it should be caused by drinking for a while.

Source: ladbible

Thankfully, the girl has prescribed some laxatives to relieve her of constipation and she was sent home from the hospital.

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Written by Shashank