Two Men Rescue Angry Bobcat From Bear Trap – Watch It’s Reaction When It Senses Freedom

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An ancient American feline species, Bobcats are known for their staking and hunting skills. Being anti-social in nature, they usually lose their temper when come into human contact.

These two friends faced exact same situation when they encountered a wounded bobcat stuck in a bear trap.

Chris Ward and his friend Aaron decided to rescue the creature so they embarked upon this daunting mission to release it. But going by its natural instinct, the wounded bobcat started to lash out at them.

The two friends taped the encounter, where they began by announcing that they are planning to free the feline, despite him being a “mean little dude.”

In the video, you can see the bobcat hissing, snarling, and growling as the two men approach him with a large stick and a duffel bag.

Source – You Tube

With no intention of being pinned down, the bobcat attacks them viciously. They finally manage to pin him down but he quickly escapes. The bobcat eventually starts to treat the stick as an enemy toy, giving the men a short window to get the bear trap off with his foot.

And they finally free him!

Source – You Tube

After being free, the cat sits upright and simply stares at his rescuers to which a man says “he’s just chillin’, let him regain himself.”

Source – You Tube

Finally, he does move, but hides under their Jeep. But as the men starts the jeep, the bobcat flees to freedom. And it feels so good looking at him scampering away.

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Written by Anu Bansal