Two Elephants Re-unite After 22 Years, Their Reaction Is Out of This World

It is no longer unknown that animals too, just like humans have feelings. The can sense love and misery, fear and satisfaction. Every now and then we come across pictures or recordings that leave us amused with their sensitivity and sensibility.

Once such incident was captured on the camera back in 2000. When the two elephants saw each other after 22 years, they were overflowing with love and affection.

YouTube / EVOLVE Campaigns

This happened at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The two elephants Shirley and Jenny were a part of circus troop earlier. The two had been separated for 22 long years. It took no time for them to recognize each other as soon as they met. But that’s not something very surprising. It is a well-known fact that elephants have a staggering ability to recall things. What left people amazed was how the two elephants reacted in the moment of such a pleasant surprise. Everyone who witnessed this reunion was taken aback.

YouTube / EVOLVE Campaigns

It is indeed heartwarming to see them expressing joy upon seeing a long-lost friend after two decades. The way they shower love on each other makes us believe that animals are anything but beasts. Watch the amazing video below:

When they saw each other through gates, they recognized each other within seconds. And then even their guardians knew, the besties were not going to waste time in filling the void of twenty-two years.

This video is nice to watch, but it also leaves us with a thought to ponder upon. These mute innocent creatures deserve something more than just survival. Isn’t it a little too cruel to cage them despite knowing the fact that they need the warmth of their loved ones just like us! Share this article with your friends if you agree.

Source: EVOLVE Campaigns

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Written by Shashank