Tim Tebow’s kind gesture gives a student memory to cherish for life!

Sometimes, you don’t have to travel too far to make a difference. Greatness is not only about doing great things, but it is also about being responsible for small things. He had a choice to ignore a fan’s request, with no one noticing it, but he chose to respond to it. And his response created a lifetime memory for someone. We are talking about an athlete and a philanthropist Tim Tebow.

Tebow is known for his work for children with special needs, whom he considers to be true inspirations in his life. Perhaps for the same reason, The Time Tebow Foundation has a special celebration for such children every year. Night to Shine program of the foundation organizes a prom night every year, on the last Friday before Valentine’s day. Children with special needs from all over the world are invited and they are given the red-carpet treatment that they deserve.

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Judy Adams is a student with special needs, but most importantly, she is a girl with dreams shining in her eyes. She expressed her wish to Tim Tebow that she wanted to go to prom with him! Little did she know what future had in store for her.

Unfortunately, Tebow could not accept the offer since he was busy with work. But he compensated it by giving her something she cannot forget. He invited Judy and her mom to his appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Not only that, but he also asked Judy to dance with her, leaving her completely surprised!

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Judy was, of course, was delighted to accept his offer. Her mother’s eyes got immediately filled with tears seeing her daughter dance with her hero! The audience was moved too.

Watch Judy’s reaction in this video of when the 31-year-old athlete surprises her.

 Tebow has won our hearts through his kind gesture and his modesty. Share this post with your friends and let the world recognize the star!

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Written by Shashank