This Woman Captures London’s Front Doors And They Look Like The Ones In Wes Anderson Movie

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Photographer Bella Foxwell has been following her passion of capturing the most beautiful doors in  London. Her Instagram page, named The Doors of London, features a variety of doors that are so quirky, they look like props straight from a Wes Anderson movie.

Foxwell wrote about this, “I started this account about two-and-a-half years ago as a challenge. I’d spent the previous year building the accounts of big consumer brands and wanted to see if I could practice what I preached for myself. Since I was already obsessed with doors, it felt like a natural fit as my ‘niche.'”

Bella further added the reasons behind her fascination for doors. She said, “It’s partly that I admire people who put so much pride into their front door, particularly those that are very daring, with a strong shade of paint or extravagant door knocker. And it’s partly that doors are very symbolic. Whether it’s because they represent new opportunities, or because they remind of home. There’s something special about them.”

She further added, “Over time I’ve come to learn what engages people and what doesn’t, and unsurprisingly the brighter, more colorful doors framed by foliage tend to perform better. That’s a long-winded way of saying that unless a front door has something unique about it – like my front door, which is very uninspiring, I will give it miss.”

The doors of London is a proof that if you are passionate about anything at all, people will admire your work. With a variety of breathtaking photos ranging from the streets of Notting Hill to the lively district of Brixton,  Foxwell’s growing collection has earned her over 43K followers.

“I usually do a little research into different locations first, and then head there with my phone to have a wander and see what I can find,” she said. “The best feeling is when you stumble across a street full of gorgeous doors that you never knew existed. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s very exciting.”

Check the top 10 Doors of London below:


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Written by Anu Bansal