This transformation of a porasis patient is just remarkable

Centre For Classical Homeopathy in Bangalore, India – a country where the treatment is recognised. 

Writing in the Wiley-owned journal, the four-strong team said: ‘Considerable skin clearance was achieved in all these cases.’

It comes after Prince Charles was last week accused of being ‘anti-science’, after taking up his position as patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy.     

Her lesions also turned erythrodermic because of stress, revealed the authors of the case report, led by Seema Mahesh.

However, the medics claimed the unidentified woman’s skin dramatically cleared up after almost four years of taking controversial remedies.

The woman took phosphorous – one of the most common elements on the planet and considered vital for human health.

She was also reportedly given lac caninum (dog’s milk), medorrhinum (discharge from a man who has gonorrhoea) and elaps corallinus (coral snake venom). 

The report said the severity of her psoriasis went from 48 to just 0.5, but revealed that she still suffers from the ‘occasional mild relapse’. 

The third case was more than a decade old, and involved her taking phosphoric aci

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Written by Shashank