This teen in Florida escapes cops and said that no one caught him

A St. Johns County man has been arrested on various charges after the deputies said state he fled a traffic stop and afterwards calling to brag about it.

Nicholas Jones, 19, was arrested on May 5 for rash driving, escaping and evading, misusing 911 and infringement of probation after doing a ‘burnout’ during a traffic stop and after that calling to ask 911 for what reason he had not yet been caught.

As indicated by a St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office report, a deputy was attempting to pull over a white Hyundai for a traffic stop when the vehicle took off, screeching its tires and speeding out of a parking garage on South Woodlawn Street.

Source: St.Johns police

About an hour later, the report says that a subject called 911 and advised the following:

Subject: “I want to know…. I like ran from a cop 30 minutes to an hour ago. I was the guy… that… over there off of Kings Estates. Like what do we pay you guys for… like I’ve driven past 4 cops.

SJSO Dispatcher: “What do you mean you ran from a cop?”

Subject: “I mean he turned his lights on me and got behind me and as he was walking up to my car I did a donut around him and left him.”

SJSO Dispatcher: ” OK, you want to now see the officer. Or… What’s your question?”

Subject: “Like… My question is … I’m assuming he put an APB out that has someone looking for my car… so like he definitely got the plate number but I’ve passed like 4 cops just driving around… Like what are you guys doing?”

SJSO Dispatcher: “Well we’re working on many calls sir”

Take look at the recordings below:

According to first coast news:

Using investigative techniques, St. Johns County deputies were able to track the phone to a person named Nicholas Jones who was wanted for a warrant for a separate incident.

A day later, deputies were made aware of a car with the same tag number travelling in the area of Old Moultrie Road. The vehicle was found in front of a clothing store and Jones was taken into custody.

When asked why he ran from the traffic stop, deputies said that Jones smiled but said nothing. When asked why he would call 911 to gloat about it, Jones said “That cop had no right to stop me. I saw him turn his lights and sirens on and was going to stop but I didn’t want to.”

Deputies told that Jones later expressed that he ran on the grounds that he thought it would be “fun”.

“That’s funny. So I told on myself?” Jones asked, according to the arrest report. “No cop can catch me in my Hyundai Elantra, that thing is fast.”

Source: First coast news

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Written by Shashank