This School replaces a statue of saint with bench

A Catholic boys school in Australia has replaced a “suggestive” statue with a “buddy bench” after web users had a field day over pictures of the tribute.

Blackfriars Priory School, situated in the northern rural areas of Adelaide, uncovered a statue in November 2017 portraying St. Martin de Porres holding a portion of bread while a kid respectfully looked up at the religious figure.

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Well, the problem is many asserted that the bread appeared to rise up out of St. Martin’s robe around his pelvic region, making it appear like another object entirely. The child’s head and hand placement only fanned the flames of the internet meltdown.

Photographs of the statue turned into a web sensation after being shared on the “S***Adelaide” Instagram page, leading the monument to be covered up with a black tarp shortly thereafter.

In a statement at the time, the school addressed the viral incident and apologized for “concerns and publicity generated by this matter.”

Source: Dailymail

“The statue was sculptured in Vietnam by the same sculptor who created the St Dominic statue on the front lawn of our School,” it wrote. “The two-dimensional concept plans for the statue were viewed and approved by the Executive Team in May but upon arrival, the three-dimensional statue was deemed by the Executive to be potentially suggestive. As a consequence, the statue was immediately covered and a local sculptor has been commissioned to re-design it.”

Recently, the school unveiled a replacement for the contentious figure — a play area for students, including a “buddy bench” where children are encouraged to sit down and make friends with each other, and a variety of fiberglass animal statues, according to to the Daily Mail reports.

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Written by Shashank