This mom reaction is priceless when she hold her baby first time

Angela and Michael Bakker were expecting a baby and couldn’t hold on to meet their bundle of joy.

Shockingly, that dream went to a dramatic end when Angela gave birth 15 weeks early.

Angela gave birth to her baby 15 weeks early when she was only 25 weeks old. She weighed less than one pound.

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The possibility of infant Naomi Joy surviving was very less.

Naomi was one of the smallest premature babies to be born in Reno, Nevada and staff at Renown Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit worked around the clock to keep her growing.

Following two weeks of serious consideration staff chose to do something against the standard for a baby this little: let her folks hold her.

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Skin-to-skin contact is believed to help the advancement and strength of a preemie infant, however, Naomi had been put inside a plastic bubble for about fourteen days, just permitted an occasional touch.

NICU staff chose the time had come to break Naomi out of the air pocket and enable her parents to hold her.

Eight nurses helped transfer Naomi from her bubble to Angela’s chest, she’s so tiny!

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Mothers can relate this look of love and happiness all over when Naomi is set on her chest. All her tension just melts away.

Baby Naomi looks pretty happy to finally have the smell and feel of her mama again.

The staff at that point permitted baby Naomi to be held by her parents consistently and she continued to thrive.

Source: Newsner

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Written by Shashank