This Masked Flash Mob Proposal Is Setting Serious Relationship Goals

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This You Tube proposal video sure restored my faith in that perfect prince charming I thought never existed.

This story is of Romi, who was minding her own business in a square in London when a couple asked to take her picture.

Little did she know that this is just a distraction to a huge surprise cooking for her right behind them.

All of a sudden, a man in a blue sweatshirt starts to dance through the bustling square. Soon enough, two more women show up and start to dance in unison with him.

This is when Romi thought, “Oh Wow! A Flash Mob.” So she took her phone out and started recording.

More and more dancers keep joining in with some truly impressive moves.

All of a sudden,  a batch of dancers enter wearing mysterious white masks. Strangely one guy takes center stage giving every move his all.

Romi still has no idea what’s going on. The masked guy’s moves were amazing and he finally gets down on one knee.

She’s completely shocked that her boyfriend, Bharat has suddenly appeared in London. The expression on her face would make anyone’s day better. What a perfect sweet way they #gotmobbed.

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Written by Anu Bansal