This man takes pictures of car license plate Outside Planned Parenthood so that he can educate women at their homes

A man in Tucson, Arizona has willingly volunteered to ‘reeducate’ women who visit the local Planned Parenthood office. The vigilante pro-lifer, recognized as Jordan Hart, has openly confessed to taking license plate photographs of individuals entering the facility, so he can follow them down to their homes to bring ‘awareness and truth’ about abo*tion.

Facebook group Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Emporium brought people’s awareness to Jordan’s ‘protest,’ pointing out that although local police are aware of his activities, they are unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

This is a comment Jordan made himself that was also posted to the same group, it proves he’s well aware of his actions.

Individuals’ reactions to Jordan’s post restored the faith in humanity, with so many commenters commenting that the Planned Parenthood goes beyond premature births. They help a lot to those families who are struggling in their young times. and offer healthcare services like cancer screenings, birth control, vaccines and advice on other health issues, too.

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Written by Shashank