This Little Girl Dancing At Wedding Performance Is Just Superb

Being a flower girl on weddings is a big responsibility! You should carry a big basket of flower and spread them along the ground so the bride can stroll down the path feeling like a princess!

The strain to carry out the responsibility can lead to some pent-up energy, just like it did for this sweet little girl! The minute she could let free on the dancefloor, she took things to the next level and made her essence one to recall…

Source: Youtube

The first song that started to play over the speakers was “Baby” by Justin Beiber. Despite the fact that she was obviously in the state of mind to move alone, an adult attempted to get in her direction and hit the dance floor with her. She unquestionably didn’t need any of that and moved off the beaten path so she could move without anyone else!

The visitors laughed uncontrollably as she tried to squirm her way around the dancefloor to avoid boogying with a partner. He let her proceed without anyone else – and boy did things get funny quickly!

Source: Youtube

The shift in mood and the flower girl’s desire to dance the night away, the DJ turned on a hit that was certain to make the little one grin! “Baby” immediately grew dim and the peppy pop melody “Gangnam Style” by PSY began to play – this was obviously what the flower girl wanted to listen.

When “Gangnam Style” began to play once again the speakers, she livened up and started to do the famous move like a genius!

Take a look at the video of her performance below:


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Written by Shashank