This hero man with chair stops knifeman

A gripping photo catches the moment a daring onlooker holding a wicker chair confronts a crazed kn*feman in the Sydney CBD.

Source: Twitter

The picture, taken from the back of a taxi, shows a middle-aged businessman holding a chair in front of him as he approaches the agitated knifeman outside the Grace Hotel at the corner of Clarence Street and King Street.

The image was taken by Japanese tech worker Aya Yamada, who was holidaying in Sydney when the incident happened. ‘We just came across the guy with a knife on the street,’ she captioned the image. ‘Apparently, he had some blood on his shirt. We are all safe in the car.’

Ms. Yamada told Daily Mail:  she had been in the car with her husband and some friends when the kn*feman suddenly appeared clutching the weapon. I just hope the guy with the chair is not injured.

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Written by Shashank