This hero doctor completes 7 operations without a break

A doctor has fame in China in the wake of finishing seven operations without a break to ensure that his patients could get treatment in time.

An image of him, falling asleep after the procedures has become trending, drawing praises from web users who hailed him as a hero. However, the doctor, named Dai Yu, remains humble. He told journalists it was his obligation to give the best care to his patients.

Source: Longgang channel

Dr. Dai is the deputy director at the Orthopedic Department of Longgang Central Hospital in Shenzhen, southern China. The image was taken by one of his associates on Monday. Dr. Dai told local TV station Longgang Channel that he and his colleagues had been entrusted to perform 10 surgical operations on the day.

Source: Longgang channel

According to Dailymail: He said they had started working from around 8 am and carried out seven of the procedures without a break.  At around 5 pm, Dr. Dai decided to sit on the floor of the operating theatre to have a 10-minute break while his anesthetist colleagues were preparing for the next surgery. He fell asleep and a colleague snapped a picture of him before uploading it onto social media.

Source: Longgang channel

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Written by Shashank