This guy revealed how his ex girlfriend secretly using her Netflix account.

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A Redditor posted the screenshots of what’s app messages how his ex-girlfriend secretly using her Netflix account for years and even demanding him to pay for renewal as well.

It was posted by the Redditor The_Duff, she is not only asking for these absurd demands, but she even had the balls to call HIM cheap for refusing to foot the bill.

Take a look at the screenshots below:

Source: Reddit

The unknown girl is facing the backlash by the online community. Many people reacted to this incident and commented on this.

One said:

I can’t even imagine having the balls to contact your ex after years of being broken up just to try and mooch their streaming accounts.

While other one wrote:

I don’t understand people who share passwords. They are there for a reason… I can understand Netflix and shit like that when you live together but email passwords and card details? WTF

While one shared his own Netflix story about her ex:

My high school ex was still using my Netflix (that my dad pays for but I have my own little profile) but he didn’t know the password. We were still cool and it didn’t really bother me until he held a movie night with a bunch of mutual friends when he knew I was back for a break and didn’t invite me. They watched on my Netflix account at this movie night.

So I did the thing where you automatically disconnect all devices to kick him off of it. It was annoying for my family but it was worth it when he texted me to ask for the password. I just told him it was my dad’s password so I didn’t feel comfortable giving it to him.

Source: Reddit

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