This Claw of Chernobyl is the most dangerous thing.

A digger claw which was deserted in the Chernobyl exclusion zone is believed to be so radioactive that even a single touch could be deadly.

The hardware was abandoned after it was utilized in nuclear clean-up efforts following the power plant disaster in 1986. It was disposed of in the backwoods outside Pripyat, the ghost city which was evacuated after the disaster, in the hope that no-one would come across it.


According to : some visitors to the exclusion zone have found the claw, including Australian archaeologist and Chernobyl specialist Rob Maxwell he said the item is ‘highly radioactive and dangerous’.


Mr Maxwell said: Explaining what happened 33 years ago the digger claw had come into contact with extremely hazardous materials in the aftermath of the disaster. Highly radioactive graphite and fuel rods had blown out of the reactor when it exploded.


This claw was deeply involved in all the intensely radioactive material as it moved the material back into the core,’ he told the publication. There are many things in the zone today for which contact for any prolonged period will definitely kill you, and the Claw is definitely the most dangerous of all. It’s essentially just sitting in a forest clearing for the rest of time. It’s severely, potently lethal.’


The reactor exploded in what was then the Soviet Union and is now Ukraine.  

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Written by Shashank