This choreographer made the entire families dance

Phil Wright is a choreographer in Hollywood, California. He works at the International Dance Academy. At the school, Wright teaches individuals from all age groups, to dance.

In August 2017, Wright shot a video that is truly astonishing! It has gotten more than six million views on YouTube.

Source: Phil Wright via YouTube

In the video, families are appeared together and having an incredible time. These aren’t only any ordinary dance moves, though.

Wright created a dance routine for the children and their parents to do together. That is the reason why some parents came out from their comfort zone and joined him, mainly because they were being recorded.

Source: Phil Wright via YouTube

They all appeared to take an interest in the dance routine. A few guardians truly got into it and found their furrow!

A couple of the kids appeared to be exceptionally shocked that their parents had such astounding dance moves. The guardians certainly put in a lot of diligent work to arrive!

Source: Phil Wright via YouTube

The song that Wright used for the dance routine is “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. It ended up being the ideal tune to get everyone moving and grooving.

The vast majority of the artists’ parents were moving close by them, but one student’s 81-year-old grandfather joined in too! Younger siblings danced in the video as well.

Take a look at the video below:



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Written by Shashank