This 4K Handheld Xbox That Will Connect With Your Phone

Microsoft has filed a patent for a hand-held Xbox gadget. A patent application was submitted on 9 July for a hand-held that connects to a current touchscreen device, similar to your phone, for example. A couple of controllers clip to either side of the screen to make a complete unit that you can use to play games.

The shape of the clip-on controllers implies that, like the Nintendo Switch, the screen is left totally clear, without fingers getting in the way. The pads feature the usual ABXY buttons, as well as a D-pad and thumb-sticks. There’s also a headphone jack and stereo speakers.

Source: Microsoft

Designer Sarang Sheth, from Yanko Design, took a peep at the patent and has mocked up what he reckons the new device might look like. He supposes the new controller configuration is connected to Microsoft’s plans for Project xCloud – a cloud-streaming service allowing gamers to play on-the-go, on a range of devices.

Source: Microsoft

Sheth said: “It’s pretty certain that Microsoft isn’t just taking on Google’s Stadia with its own cloud-based gaming service. [It] is also going gung-ho into the hardware side of things too, with detachable controllers you can clip to your phone for the most portable Xbox experience ever imagined! Based on patented designs, these conceptual Xbox Cloud controllers give us an idea of what the real thing would feel like. Two controller-halves clip onto either side of the phone, turning it into a handheld gaming console, complete with everything you need to play Xbox’s signature titles.”

Up ’til now, there are no confirmed plans for Microsoft to make or release such a gadget, however, the way that a patent has been recorded has sent the rumour-mill into overdrive.

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Written by Shashank