Thieves ‘steal’ 56-tonne, 23-metre rail bridge in Russia

Aerial photographs of the bridges became a web sensation on Russian social media sites, creating a ruckus and later starting an investigation concerning the unusual heist of 56 tonnes of metal and 23-metre rail bridge over the Umba river.

Local people in a remote piece of Russia were stunned when they saw a huge stretch of a rail bridge mysteriously disappear. A criminal case has been launched in the nation’s Arctic district of Murmansk after speculated metal thieves made off with the portion of the bridge.

According to Indian Express:

Photos dated May 16 circulating on Russian social network VKontakte showed that the central span of the bridge had fallen into the river. However, in photos taken just ten days later, there was no trace of the section or of any debris.

“Natural phenomena could not bring down the bridge,” wrote the VK page that initially posted the pictures, according to the Moscow Times. “Metalworkers likely pulled the structure into the water, where they slowly took it apart for scrap parts.”

Source: Indian Express

Residents immediately speculated that the bridge had been stolen and submitted a statement to Kirovsk police. However, they did not believe it initially and thought the owners themselves may have dismantled the bridge. Later, the prosecutor’s office of the city of Kirovsk recognised as legitimate and reasonable the decision to investigate the matter. “According to investigators in May 2019, an unidentified person secretly stole metal constructions of length out of mercenary motives,” the official website stated.

Source: Indian Express

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Written by Shashank